The home of Briticana

​​Telegraph City

​​​​​​Guided by Copper Stars

Our Bio

Chris, Gary and Sarah have started their journey into the great unknown. 
Music is their passion, not driven by any other force other than a deep love for their artform.
Years of blood, sweat and tears have culminated in this, their first offering from the forthcoming album
"Guided by Copper Stars."
The name was Inspired by a "lost" area of Eastern California, that couldn't be further from the beaches of Orange County.

"A mid-west  wind blows through the melodies, while Sarah's voice climbs out of the speakers urging you to hang on to those deep, intelligently constructed lyrics."
Dave Cooper - Freelance Music Critic

" I like what i am hearing.  Very inovative and a breath of fresh air from the usual fluff sometimes floating around." 
Glen Royer  - Greenhouse/The Mighty Wilderness

"How's the World Treating You is the song we have been showcasing as the BBC Introducing track of the week being
played on every programme across the counties"

Andrew Marston BBC Introducing

"Briticana- Oh nice I like that "

Tammy Gooding BBC H&W